• Jonkyle


  • Julius Curcio aka Cookie

    Julius Curcio aka Cookie

    Soulman, optimist, singer/songwriter, musician, web developer cookierabinowitz.com

  • Jason Samui

    Jason Samui

    Enjoy each day, it might be your last.

  • Shane McGrath

    Shane McGrath

    Forever a student of life and deep work. Check out my first book on cultivating skill here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DMQGB4F

  • Kelly Shutt

    Kelly Shutt

    Teacher by day. Beginning Web Developer by night. Struggling to maintain a work/life balance. I enjoy spending time with my family and dogs in the outdoors.

  • Christian Traxler

    Christian Traxler

  • Glykeria Perisanidou

    Glykeria Perisanidou

    newbie to web dev! self-taught!

  • Sergio Reynoso

    Sergio Reynoso

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